Hello lovelies,

We're in the final wedding countdown now, time is just flying by!

I'm not complaining, I can't wait to marry the love of my life. 
Last weekend I went for my final dress fitting and my dress looks so beautiful so far. There are still a few changes to be made, but for the most part it's just about finished.

I tried on a veil and jewelry too,picking out the wedding jewelry was quite overwhelming because they had so many sparkly things to choose from.
I don't wear jewelry very often and when I do it, it's nothing as blingy and fancy as the stuff they had there - I'm plain like that haha!
But I ended up finding the perfect necklace and earing set, just enough sparkle to complete my dress but not enough to make me look overdone.
And to finish everything off I tried on a simple tiara - I felt like a princess, I wanted to keep it on forever - I actually almost forgot to take it off!

My sister went to the final fitting with me and she offered to pay for my jewelry, which is so incredibly sweet of her. It was an emotional day for me, seeing everything come together made it all seem so real.

I've been feeling a little bit stressed out about everything lately, which I suppose is normal for someone planning a wedding.
All of the major things are done, but there's still so many small things that need to be done, and I have less than 3 months to do it all. 

Luckily I have amazing people supporting me. I can't believe how close I am to being married, it still feels surreal sometimes, it almost feels too good to be true. I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life ♥

Thank you for reading my mushy wedding post!
xoxo Adel