I recently put the Schwartskopf Palette deluxe oil care color to the test, I used the shade "Smooth red violet" on my hair, and I was very nervous to put it over the mess that was my hair, because I hadn't dyed my hair in over 3 months (I was considering going back to my natural roots - but I'm a hair rehab failure.) I had serious root regrowth, as well as just generally uneven colour all over my head. 

Knowing that there was a high possibility of a hair disaster - I went ahead and did it anyway. haha! I like to live dangerously.

Spoiler: It turned out even better than I could have hoped.

I was delightfully surprised at how even the coverage and colour turned out, there was no demarcation line, no hot roots, just beautiful and even colour!

I'm going to give you a quick summary of my favorite things about this hair dye, as well as some cons;

  • Affordable (R99 at Clicks)
  • Easy to use, the formula is not too thick or too runny, it's a breeze to apply
  • decent range of colours
  • Colour is true to the colour on the box
  • Doesn't leave your hair feeling damaged after use


  • Even though it's afforable, it's still almost double the price of Renew hair dye (R54.99 at Clicks)
  • It's gentle on hair, but not ammonia free
  • It has a chemical smell - but not worse than your average box of dye
  • The colour fades quite a bit with every wash (This is a red-hair problem)
I am so pleased with my current hair colour, I feel like I am living my best hair life right now! BUT, I know myself, and I know that next time I go to Clicks to pick up hair dye, I am most likely going to be tempted by the price of the Renew hair dye. I highly recommend the Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe hair dye, however if you are on a very tight budget Renew is a great alternative!

I also have a Youtube video showing you how I colour my hair, so if you are interested please head over to my Youtube channel, and while you're there hit the subscribe button ♥ It means the world to me.

xoxo Adel