Today I'm sharing my thoughts on the John Frieda 32mm curling iron, I've had it for about two weeks now and I really like it.

Some details about the curling iron:

Price: R299 (My hubby bought it for me when it was on sale at Clicks, for R209)


*Advanced ion technology

*32mm Titanium-ceramic barrel

*Heats up in 30 seconds

*11 Heat settings to choose from (ranging from 105°C to 205°C)

*Automatically shuts off after 72 minutes of continuous use

*3m full swivel cord (so you don't get all tangled up in the cord)

*Comes with a heat proof mat to protect your surfaces.

*Has a 3 year guarantee

What John Frieda says about the product:

"For over 20 years the John Frieda hair care experts have been defining style. Now the leaders in transformational hair care have helped to inspire a range of professional appliances with advanced ionic technology for a salon shiny finish. 
This premium styling tong releases a stream of ions to surround and condition each strand of hair, neutralizing static, smoothing the outer layer of the hair cuticle and controlling frizz.
Leaves hair looking and feeling smooth and shiny."

My thoughts:

I've only recently started using it, but it's already a favorite. Although, it wasn't love at first use. I wasn't sure if I liked it the first time I used it, I thought that maybe my hair was too short, or that the iron was too big.
Turns out, I just needed to experiment a bit more, this is the first curling iron I've ever owned, usually I just use my hair straightener to curl my hair, which gives much tighter curls than this iron does. 

My favorite way to use this iron is for getting waves/flicks at the end of my hair. If I curl my ends inwards with it, it looks exactly like I've just been to the hair salon for a professional blowout. On this photo below I was having a particularly good hair day, thanks to the John Frieda curling iron:

If you want tight curls, this isn't for you. In fact if you want any curls, you might want to skip this one. It says on the box it's for loose curls, so they do warn you, haha. You can get those sexy, loose "Victoria secret" waves, which I personally LOVE. Another great hairstyle you can get with this iron is the old Hollywood glam look (Think Khloe Kardashian at Elton John's Oscar party).

I also like that it has different heat setting, I usually use it on 185°C and that works perfectly on my thick hair. If you have fine hair you can use it on a lower heat setting, and if your hair is even thicker and crazier than mine (Not bloody likely, my hair is the godzilla of hard-to-control hair) then you can use it on a higher heat setting. It can go up to 205°C - That's hot!

Another plus is that it switches off automatically after 72 minutes of continuous use, that's perfect for someone as scatter brained as me! It amazes me how I can be so obsessive compulsive, yet so clumsy and forgetful at the same time! Organized chaos - that's the story of my life.

Something else is the "advanced ionic technology". Now, I don't know a heck of a lot about ions. Something about atoms, molecules and electrons - it's all very scientific and I lack the interest to actually fully read an article about it. But it's supposedly a good thing, especially if you are prone to frizz.
In the little manual that comes with the straightener it mentions "ionic ports", which I'm assuming are those little "slits" you see in the picture below:

It also says in the manual that any noise generated from the ionic ports is normal, and you do hear a noise. It sounds almost like a soft crackling sound, a little bit like steam. And it also releases a tiny amount of steam, which they don't mention in the manual, but I'm assuming it's a normal part of the process since I haven't burnt my hair off yet ;)

Overall, this curling iron gets a thumbs up from me, I love the John Frieda hair care products and I think they have done a good job at creating this iron. It measures up to the high standards that one would expect from John Frieda and another big plus is that it's affordable.

If you would like to see how I fake a professional blowout using my curling iron, you can watch my Youtube video :)

I hope you're having a great day!

xoxo Adel