Hi lovelies! 

I have been MIA for quite some time, we were on holiday (wonderful) and then when we got home it was the chaos of all the holiday laundry, My cat having the cuuutest kittens ever, Christmas and of course, New year's I was so busy, as much as I love the holidays I feel as if I need a second holiday after being done with all that!
So before I begin, let me just say - Merry Christmas and happy new year ♥ I hope all your dreams will come true in 2014.

Every new year we make resolutions and by the end of January we feel like complete and utter failures for, eating that second slice of chocolate cake, going to bed with a dirty kitchen, for some - having that cigarette you vowed you wouldn't! So for this year, I decided to keep it very simple, my only resolution is to be more ORGANIZED. Being organized has always been important to me, but dealing with the first year of motherhood, being lucky to get a shower worked into my day, my dream of being an organized supermom took a back seat. ... okay, not a backseat - more like, it was biting onto the bumper of the car for dear life ;) haha! But for 2014 I plan on getting organized, as that would simplify every aspect of my life - Making lists is something that soothes my soul, so you bet I'm going to make lists this year - LOTS and lots of glorious lists MUAHAHA! Being organized really helps me not to feel so overwhelmed, so instead of reaching for the wine bottle - I'll grab a notepad instead... Or I could multitask? I never said I was going to stop drinking wine! 

Have  a wonderful 2014 loves!

xoxo Adel