Hi lovelies!

Today's blog is so exciting, I have always had long hair, I never even considered getting it cut short until I was at least 35 ;). Then, late one evening, about 2 weeks ago, I just randomly started googling shorter hairstyles, and then, all of a sudden I just had this intense urge to cut my hair! hahaha. I'm such a freak, these kind of things happen to me all the time. I get bored easily, and I was just so tired of my long, heavy hair. Since becoming a mom I've tried holding onto my long hair because it's the last little bit of "old", fun, sexy, me. But the last few months all I've been doing is tying my hair up in a bun on top of my head - that's not very sexy!  So, yesterday, I went and had my hair cut. I was really nervous, but SO excited too.

My little Abigail stayed on my lap the whole time they were busy with my hair, she's not used to having so many people around her mommy, so she was rather nervous haha ♥ I am so blessed to have such an awesome little missy as my daughter.

The lady who washed my hair kept telling my it's not too late too change my mind, she really didn't want me to cut my hair. But once I've made up my mind there is no changing it.

so, here it is:

Ta-daaa! My brand new hairdo :D I LOVE it. It's so fun and flirty and bouncy! When I left the salon it was straight, and this morning I curled it, in a 3rd of the time it usually took to curl my hair. I think I prefer it curly, I've always thought curly hair suits me better than straight hair. 
Over the next few months I'll decide if I want to keep it this way or grow it out again, but for now I'm thrilled with my new look!

What do you think loves? Long or short?