Helloooo Lovelies!

I'm finally back, who knew planning a wedding takes up so much of your time.
In fact, the last 2 months leading up to our wedding, all I could think about was everything that still needed to be done.
Even though I miss the planning and excitement of the wedding already, I'm relieved to finally have some free time again.
Things are only just beginning to settle and go back to normal.

Me and Hein tied the knot on the 13th of September, we've been married for just a little over a month, and can I just say - I highly recommend marriage ;) haha!
People keep asking, "so, how's the married life?", me and Hein find it hilarious, it's nowhere near as awful as people say it is :p in fact, it's pretty wonderful.

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect, just about everything went according to plan. My nervous groom completely forgot to order pizza for the kiddies table, but luckily there was more than enough food.
I was on time, but my guests were late, so I ended up waiting outside the venue in a hot car, with no aircon. But the little things that go "wrong" make for the best stories :) 
I did just about everything myself, except for the food (I wasn't about to spend the morning of my wedding stirring pots!) being a perfectionist, DIY was the obvious answer for me, I like doing everything myself because then I know it's exactly the way I want it.

Now, on to the photos. 

My two favorite little people in the world, my nephew Caden (Ring bearer) and my beautiful daughter Abigail (Flower girl):

My mommy helping me get dressed:

My ride ;)

My sister Chantelle (Maid of Honor), helping me into the car. I felt like a gypsy bride with my big dress, trying to squeeze into the car. Haha!

My daddy, daughter and nephew waiting for me.

My handsome groom:

From left, beautiful Abigail, Chantelle, Me, My hubby, Darren (Best man, brother in-law and Caden's dad), Caden:

Saying our vows ♥

You may kiss the bride ♥

We had an outdoor ceremony, so we wanted to "go green" with the confetti, so there wouldn't be any clean up for the owner of the venue we used. We bought the organza bags and I filled them with rose petals and added the little tags.

I made my bouquet the morning of the wedding, the turquoise ribbon was supposed to go all the way down, to cover up the florist tape, but the last hour was quite rushed and there wasn't enough time.

On to the reception:

Each table had a specific fairy tale theme, this was the Beauty and the Beast table.

The Rapunzel table, I made the tower myself, the blonde braid hanging down the side was a cheap clip in hair extension (doll hair).

The little Mermaid table, the seashells in the fishbowl are the shells I picked up on our family holiday last year :) At the time I had no idea what I was going to use them for.

The Snow White table, the little sign in the red apple read "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

The kiddies table, each child got a goody bag filled with sweets and toys, and an activity book with their name on.

Our table's centerpiece, our table's theme was Cinderella, my sister made this pumpkin carriage the day before :)

Our first dance, we danced to dirty dancing's "Time of my life".

Instead of a guest book, we decided on a time capsule. We'll open it on our first wedding anniversary.

The wedding cake, also made by me, 3 tier fruit cake. We gave one layer to my husbands family, one layer to my parents and we kept one.

Wedding favors, this was the most time consuming project. I made all of the boxes from scratch, filled each one with a Belgian truffle, sealed with a ribbon and a thank you note.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend beauties.

xoxo Adel (Mrs. Heine) haha!