Hi Lovelies,

Today started off with my 2 year old daughter waking up at 4:30am. I've always been an early riser, but 7am is my idea of early, anything before that is cruel and unusual punishment.

For the last few weeks, she has been waking up earlier and earlier. I am exhausted. I am emotional. Have you ever been so tired that you feel like crying about it? One of the many joys of motherhood ;) haha! 

It's not just the lack of sleep that's exhausting me, though. I think even with 12 hours of sleep I would still complain about being tired. We've been going through the "terrible twos" for the last few months. It gets better for a few days, but then it's back with a vengeance the next week. It is definitely the most challenging phase so far. 
I'll list a few things she has done over the past 2 weeks:

1. The DIY haircut.
She found paper scissors, and decided her hair needed a bit of a trim. 

It's actually far worse than it looks in this picture, but I've decided not to cut her hair, and just let it grow out eventually. It will probably take a few decades, since I've been growing her hair since she was born and it's not even past her shoulders yet!

2. She's been trying out new recipes, my little chef in the making. 

3. She's an absolute sweetheart, but lately she's been trying to love my cats to death.

You can see the scratch marks on her hand, at first I blamed the cats, but then I realized it was just self defence. 

4. More abuse.

(She gets time outs for hurting the animals, I refuse to raise a little serial killer)

5. Earlier this week she pulled out my entire makeup drawer, sending all my makeup crashing to the floor. I lost a few eyeshadows in this tragic event.

(yuk, my carpets are disgusting. But she spills at least one thing on them every day, so I ask to be excused.)

The terrible twos is real, yo.

The good news is, these things make for really funny stories, after you get over the initial shock. 
My daughter is a wonderful child, she's so funny, and she's so intelligent. She has the most unique personality I've ever come across, she's like a sassy little teenager in a tiny body. She brings me more joy than I ever thought possible, she's my best friend. My only company during the day. 
Even though all of the naughty things she does drives me crazy (quite literally, crazy. Ask my husband) Life would be extremely dull and boring without my little terror. 

Still, sometimes it would be nice if motherhood had weekends and sick days. hahaha. 

Happy Thursday everyone (or, day 4 of the hostage situation, for those of you who work).

xoxox Adel