Hi there!

I am overjoyed to announce that the newest (and most likely last) member of our family is finally here.

Meet baby Evangeline Violet Heine, born 2 July 2017 at 13:21 weighing in at 3.42kg and 53cm tall! She is the stuff dreams are made of and I'm SO proud of how well her big sister is handling this big adjustment. We are finding our feet as a family of 4, and although things are a little chaotic at the moment, our hearts are overflowing.

Today I'm reviewing the Johnson's baby top-to-toe range, this is not a sponsored post, but these products were sent to me by Beauty Bulletin.

First up, is the Johnson's top-to-toe baby wash 500ml (R59.95):

This is the only baby wash that has ever touched Evangeline's skin, I used this from her very first bath and I have about 3 extra bottles stocked up. It's very gentle and it doesn't dry out her delicate skin at all, it smells lovely, just like baby but without being overpowering, it's actually very lightly fragranced.
It says it's as gentle on skin and eyes as pure water, and of course I tested it out on my eyes ;) and just like their baby shampoo it doesn't sting your eyes at all.

I love the original Johnson's baby shampoo, but I've been using this to wash her hair as well just because it's one less step and it makes bath time easier. It also has a pump top, which is very convenient because it's easy to use when I only have one free hand.

Johnson's top-to-toe extra moisturising cream 100ml (R24.95):

We've only been using this cream for a few days, but it has made a huge difference to her skin. She was born with very dry skin and it was peeling all over her little tummy. Now her skin is so much smoother, it looks moisturised and there's barely any peeling.

It's a thicker cream, but it feels very light on the skin and it's not greasy at all. It has the same light scent as the rest of the range.

Johnson's top-to-toe massage lotion 500ml (R59.95):

This is a lovely lotion, it feels feather-light on the skin but it still does an excellent job of moisturising. It's not all that different from the extra moisturising cream except for the fact that it's a lighter and slightly thinner formula.

Johnson's top-to-toe massage oil 200ml (R39.95):

We use this oil once or twice a week, when Evangeline has a fussy day I like to give her a warm bath followed by a massage, it seems to really calm her down. It works really well for massage, the only down side is that it takes quite a while to absorb, so a little goes a long way.

That's it from us, for now :) I hope you enjoyed meeting sweet little Evangeline and reading our thoughts on the Johnson's top-to-toe range.