Hello Lovelies :)

I've been dying my hair dark since I was 14 years old, it has been chestnut, dark plum, dark red and black.
My natural hair colour is a very boring, dull, light brown.
Until recently I never thought about going lighter, after all, isn't bleaching your hair a death sentence?

I'm not sure what made me decide I wanted to go, not only lighter, BLONDE!
But now I've made up my mind, and there's no convincing me otherwise, I'm stubborn like that ;)

Sunday night I started the lightening process, I bought a highlighting kit containing bleach powder and 30% cream peroxide. 
I wanted to see how my hair would react to the bleach, so instead of jumping right in and doing my full head, I just did the ends, kind of going for an ombre effect. I was expecting my hair to come out orange, but because of all the years of dyeing my hair so dark the bleach didn't lighten my hair as much as I was expecting, it turned out a medium/dark red. So if I want it to be blonde I'm probably going to have to bleach it 3 or 4 more times.
I would really like to keep the bleaching to an absolute minimum, since blonde hair is of no use to me if it all ends of breaking off in the shower. 

I did some research online and I found a product called "colour b4", and basically what it's supposed to do is remove all of the dye and colour build up from your hair and restore it to your natural hair colour. It contains no bleach or ammonia, therefore doesn't damage your hair.
I have read mixed reviews about this, but I have decided to try it for myself, so that will be part 2 of my going blonde journey :)

Even if it just gets me to a medium brown I'll be overjoyed. From there I can do a full head of highlights and be much closer to my lighter hair goal.
I'm hoping to have my hair much lighter by December, so I have about 6 weeks left.
Wish me luck!

xoxo Adel