Hi lovelies!

In case you couldn't tell by the title of this blog, going blonde wasn't very successful.

Saturday I got a box of colour B4, with a heart full of hope I opened the box to inspect all the items inside, I started scanning through the inside leaflet and then I saw it - SMALL writing that basically says it's not likely to remove the colour from your hair if you have previously coloured your hair with any Henna products. For someone who had been using Henna hair dye on and off for almost 5 years, this was not good news! But still, I remained hopeful.

I applied it to my hair - and man, does it stink! There really is no other way to explain it than to say it smells like the worst fart you've ever encounter.
I actually got a headache from how bad it smelled, but smell aside, I left it on for t
he full hour. 
When it was time to rinse it off I could see that my roots were noticeably lighter, after a total of 25 minutes of rinsing I was hoping to step out of the shower with beautiful, golden locks. I blow dried my hair because I know hair looks darker when wet.

When I looked in the mirror I was a bit disappointed to see that my hair was still quite a dark brown/red, except for the roots which were restored to my previous dull, light brown glory. But still, all hope was not lost, as long as I had 30% developer and bleach powder I thought I could conquer this situation.

My oh my, I was sorely mistaken.

I did a full head of highlights and ombre'd the bottom halfs of my hair, it stayed there for the full 50 minutes.
Again I blow dried my hair before making a judgement.
Imagine my absolute heartbrokeness (my own word) when I looked in the mirror to see that there was hardly a difference in the colour, except for a few blonde patches at my roots.

So it was on the 2nd of November 2013 that my blonde dreams were shattered into a million pieces!

My ends were so damaged that I decided there would be no more bleaching, it wasn't like the bleaching actually made a difference anyway.
So now, here I am, with several different colours in my hair, none of which are attractive, I might add.
Wondering, what will be my next colour adventure? So far, I'm leaning towards becoming a redhead, but only time will tell!

Here is a video of the full process, in case you would like to see the epic fail that is me LOL :

Thank you for reading my extremely sad story my loves ;)

xoxox Adel