Hello lovelies :)

So here I am, it's Tuesday night and I'm wearing out my laptop keys searching through Pinterest for every possible idea I can find!
My engagement party is this weekend and you would think having had almost a month and a half to plan it, I would at least have more than two dozen biscuits to show for it, right?
And might I add, only half of the two dozen biscuits have icing on ;) 
Where did the time go? 

All I have decided so far is that I want an outdoor party that has a relaxed picnic feel, I have an idea of the menu but I haven't quite decided yet.
To make the situation more stressful, this will be the first time my family and my fiance's family will be spending any time together, and I'm hoping for smooth sailing with as few awkward moments as possible.
Luckily, I work best under pressure. so I accept your challenge, Father time.
In fact, Father time isn't even the one I'm most worried about - it's Mother nature!
I can stay up all night Friday, getting everything ready for Saturday... but with just one water-filled cloud, Mother nature can send all my master plans packing! 
We live in a two bedroom townhouse, so if it rains and we have to move the party inside...
Well let's just say that wouldn't be ideal.

So for the rest of this week I will be fighting Father time and sweet talking Mother nature ;)

Look out for pictures of our engagement party Saturday, and please send sunny thoughts my way.

xoxo Adel