There is nothing quite as beautiful as healthy hair. Long, healthy hair is my ultimate dream, but unfortunately it's not easily achieved. About a year ago I cut my hair short, because it wasn't in the best condition and I always say, I would rather have healthy short hair than damaged long hair. Ever since then, I have been taking extra good care of my hair and this oil treatment is a life saver. It leaves my hair so soft and shiny and it promotes hair growth!

For this oil treatment you will need:

* Castor Oil

* Coconut Oil

* a Shower Cap / Plastic Wrap

Start by combing out all of the tangles in your hair, then part your hair into small sections and apply the castor oil directly onto the part line, where your scalp is exposed. Do this in small sections, covering your entire scalp with castor oil. Once that's done, apply your coconut oil onto the remainder of your hair, mainly focusing on the lower half of your hair. 
Now, massage your scalp to make sure your entire head is covered in oil. Massaging your scalp also increases blood flow, which helps with hair growth as well.
Then cover your hair with either a shower cap or plastic wrap, and leave on for as long as you would like, at least 2 hours - but if you can, leaving it on over night is ideal. I never leave it on over night because I find it uncomfortable, so I usually apply it early in the morning and wash it at night. 

I do this once a week, and my hair has never looked better.

When you wash this treatment out of your hair, I recommend shampooing it twice, to make sure all the oil is out. You don't have to condition your hair afterwards, but I always do - I never skip conditioner. It doesn't leave your hair feeling greasy or heavy at all.

Wishing you good hair days ♥
xoxo Adel